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BPP Design Logo Rationale

The project logo was created to highlight the concept of partnerships for biodiversity—Partnerships that we need to foster to be able to create a culture that shares the same goal of weaving the web of life to maintain ecological balance and promotion of responsible stewardship among human beings.

The “hands” in the logo symbolically denote support and strength. It also represents our pledge to take care of other life forms, as we pledge to be a protector of all living things, especially the unique species and key biodiversity areas that we are blessed us with.

The colors used in the logo are symbolic of the various key ecosystems that provide the life-enhancing processes that BPP aim to support, conserve, and protect. Dark greens represent the forests and key biodiversity areas, while the lighter greens are used to depict production and agricultural landscapes. Browns were used to represent urban and settlement areas while shades of blue were used to represent coastal and marine waters.

The different figures in the logo signify the different key elements of the biodiversity.  The white shape figure in the middle of the logo embodies the trees and other plant communities while the image of the Philippine eagle and the tamaraw represent the key indicator species in the BPP demonstration sites that need to be protected.  The white circle denotes the people as part of the ecosystem and an integral component of the Philippine Biodiversity.

Overall, the design of the BPP logo symbolizes the harmonious relationship between all forms of life. It speaks of the need to recognize that we are all essential in maintaining a balance in this web of life.






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