Lake Mainit Biodiversity Partnerships Project

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Vision, Mission and Goal



Lake Mainit as a diverse ecosystem with safe and crystal clear waters surrounded by verdant mountains and endowed with abundant natural resources, and as an ecotourism destination sustainably managed by an empowered citizenry for economic development and environment protection.



With the aid of the Divine providence guided by the principles of growth and development between communities and generation through skilled and resourceful personnel, the LMDA support and assist the LGU’s in effective and efficient delivery of basic services, enforcement of environmental laws and policies to pursue the sustainable development and management of Lake Mainit through promotion of ecological and recreational values, conservation, protection of natural resources, enhancement of economic activities, people empowerment for the improvement of the equality of life of its constituents.




  1.  To conserve the aquatic resources and to enhance their economic, ecological and recreational value.

  2. To properly manage forestlands and improve the land cover within the watershed;

  3. To promote greater involvement of the government, the private sector, local communities and other stakeholder in the sustainable management of the Lake and other critical resources.


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